Bob Fraser Independent Kleeneze Distributor


      I left school when I was 15 and was in employment (mainly as Machine Operator in an Engineering firm) until I was 65 years old and my firm asked me to work on which I did for another 2 years. Then, with the recession they had to cut back on the work force and I was laid off.
As I had only the state pension to look forward to I applied for several jobs which needed me to supply them with pages of information from when I started school, when I left etc. 67 years of history for a job which would have paid minimum rate.
I looked on the internet and came across an opportunity with kleeneze and sent away for information. I received a prompt reply and was up and running my business within a week. That was in May 2010 and since then I have achieved a 10% bonus (£780+ in orders) every 4weeks.
I wish I had seen this opportunity years ago. Last year my wife and I, because of my business, could afford a holiday to Egypt for a cruise down the Nile for 14 days. This year I have upgraded my motor car. For the future I am looking forward to sponsoring and training a team and helping to make them as successful as possible

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